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Customer Service


Shipping Options Simplified Chart
Economy Small
Economy Small
Registered Packet*
Packet Light*****
Economy* Standard*** Express
Delivery Period 14 - 21 days 5 - 21 days 5 days 1 - 3 days
Tracking Service Not
Insurance Not
Weight Limitation
(Webike Weight Point)
1pt ~ 15pt 15.1pt ~ 300pt 15.1pt ~ 300pt No limitation
Weekend Shipping Applicable Not Applicable****
Common Rules (applied for all shipping options)
・Please be aware that if we can not ship your order due to various reasons such as order contains hazardous item, oversize, overweight and etc. by the shipping option you selected, we may change the shipping to other option. Even if the shipping option do not change, we may ask you for extra shipping fee.
・Listed Days on each shipping option is only an approximated shipping period AFTER we ship your order. This period does not include days we need to arrenge products that are not in our stock. For example....

Select "Standard" for items Webike have in stock
= 5 days + 1 day (6 days) is the approx. delivery date.

Select "Standard" for items Webike need 2 weeks to arrenge
= 5 days + 2 weeks (19 days)is the approx. delivery date.

・If you select [Express], we use Fedex International Priority.
・****We do NOT ship on weekend even if you select [Express].
・In most cases, tax is required to be paid to receive your parcel. If you refuse paying, the parcel will be sent back to Japan, which costs us the returning shipping fee and also taxes possibly. If that happens, we may charge you or deduct the amount from total refunding amount.
・***If you select [Standard], we will select from either EMS, FEDEX (International Economy) or DHL that best matches with the item you order. Please understand that we can not accept any change of delivery carrier upon customer's request.
Economy / Economy Small Registered Packet
・*We basically use SAL for Economy and Economy Small Registered Packet. Although, there are several country which SAL can not track after dispatch from Japan. If you want to search for your order within your country, please contact you nearest carrier who deliver EMS/SAL.
Economy Packet / Economy Packet Light
・*****This shipping option is only provided to customers who live in Australia( Economy Packet Light only), South Korea and Vietnam. We basically use International ePacket and International ePacket light for this shipping option.
・Delivery lead time to South Korea by Economy Registered Packet will be 5 - 10 days.
・Please note that we do not provide Economy Packet service for Australia.
Economy Small Packet
・We use SAL Economy Small Packet.
・**There is no tracking service nor insurance for your package. Webike can not asnwer and/or correspond to claims for item's damage, lost package and/or delivery delay.

We ship to most countries. In case of Standard option, you can check available areas of delivery from here(EMS website). Shipping to APO/FPO or other military bases are prohibited.
For customers paying by Paypal
The delivery address is the one registered on your PayPal account at time of you placing an order. We restrict customer to change the shipping address. Therefore, if there is a request of change in shipping address, after order has been placed, we may cancel the order.
*Shipping address is required to be written in English. If your address is registered in other language than English at Paypal, your order will not be shipped. In that case, please let us know your address in English.

For customers paying by Credit Card
We can change the shipping address if you request, however, we cannot change the country name because the shipping charge differs from the original payment.
These do not apply to Wholesale member. Wholesale member must attach an document or website proof of the new address for us to over write the original information shop information.
・Shipping costs include packing, boxes, receiving, domestic insurance, shipping and invoicing charge.
The shipping cost depends on the weight of the package and its destination.
It is calculated inside of the shopping cart based on the "weight point chart" of each carrier.
If the shipping point is over 300pt, you will be charged shipping of 300pt and the rest of the weight point worth of shipping charge together at the shopping cart.
For example: Total Weight Point: 450pt = 300pt worth of shipping fee+ 150 pt worth of shipping fee.
Please see Shipping & Returns for details.
Basically, the total price of the items shipped will be covered by insurance. However, the maximum amount of the insurance may vary by the destination country or each carrier.
You can check where your luggage is by using tracking service provided by each carrier.
Displayed items may not be shipped depending on area, size, contents of items, or each country's customs regulation or law. When this occurs, the order will be canceled.
Some items may contain hazardous materials that can not be shipped by air (i.e; gasses and oils). If you purchase an item that contains hazardous materials that are not a part of the main item, we will remove it and ship the rest of your order. We will not refund for the removed part. If you purchase an item that is considered a hazardous material, we will immediately cancel that particular item and issue a refund for that item only.
If you ordered parts that can not board the aircraft, we will send you a confirmation e-mail asking how you would like to handle your order.
"Except for [EXPRESS (FEDEX)], we use EMS, ePacket, ePacket Light, SAL and SAL small packete to ship customer's order. " If total size and/or weight of your order exceeds those limitation of each shipping options, we change shipping option without announcing you in advance. Your order may also possibly be divided into multiple package. For those orders which we can't cover the extra shipping fee, we may ask you to deposit extra shipping fee just before the shipping or other wise we can't ship your order. Weight limitation varies depends on destination. Please review each shipping options below for more detail about weight/size limitation.
EMS Limitation
ePacket Limitation
ePacket Light Limitation
SAL Limitation
SAL Small Packet Limitation
You can check how many dates it takes to deliver your luggage on each chart below.
*DHL does not have delivery date chart.