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Ranked 9 of 1,814 brands  in Full Face Helmets
(1,258 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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SHOEI's "premium helmet" is meant to be with high safety and various effective performances and superior design. SHOEI's premium helmet is favored and recognized as global brand by many riders of the world!

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SHOEI J-FORCE IV [Matte Black] Helmet

Summer is here, I don't want to wear the full helmet. So I bought SHOEI's four-quarter hel...

SHOEI J-FORCE IV [Luminous White] Helmet

통기성 훌륭하고
주행풍 감소효과 뛰어나고
같이 주문한 실버미러쉴드는 주간 야간 매우 훌륭하네요....


z-7 power up 디자인이 너무 이뻐서 주문후 3~4주 기다려서 받았습니다. 2개 주문 했는데 하나는 그냥 통관 되었고 하나는 통관에 걸려서 세금을 물었네요. 10만원 지불 했습니다. 사진으로 보는 것 보다 훨씬 더 이쁘고 세련 됐습니다.
핼멧 사면 핀락도 같이 들어 있어요. 이건 별도 인줄 알았는대 원래 같이 포함 되더라구요. 모르고 받았더니 ...

SHOEI QWEST [Pearl Gray Metallic] Helmet

I've been wearing the full face of ARAI until now, but wind noise was badly bothering me.I bought SHOEI for the first time this time.It is not Wae Big, but I was able to buy it at one point left f...

SHOEI X-14 ASSAIL [TC-5 Black/Silver] Helmet

저번에 Z-7 구매해서 만족하며 사용하다가 X-14가 풍절음도 적고 좋다길래 이번에 구매하게 되었습니다.
확실히 성능면에서는 z-7보다 x-14가 월등히 좋네요.고속에서 바람 가르는게 확실히 틀립니다.풍절음도 적구요..
단점이라면 너무 대두핏이라는게..그래도 디자인이 너무 이뻐서 용서 됩니다....

SHOEI CWR-1 PINLOCK (R) EVO Lens [Optional/Repair ...

쇼에이 헬멧을 구입하고서 정확하게 맞는 핀락덕분에 쉴드에 습기가 생기지 않습니다.
시간이 지날수록 변색이 약간 생기지만, 그래도 쉴드나 선바이저의 수명보다 핀락의 수명이 가장 긴것 같습니다.
세일기간에 쉴드와 선바이저와 핀락을 함께 저렴하게 구입하게되어 행운으로 생각합니다....

SHOEI CNS-1 PINLOCK (R) Shield [Optional/Repair Pa...

쇼에이의 헬멧은 가볍고 튼튼합니다.
다만 가격이 좀 높다는게 단점이지요.
쇼에이의 지티에어를 사용하는데, ...

SHOEI QSV-1 Sun Visor Shield [Optional/Repair Part...

아주 마음에 듭니다.
현존하는 헬멧중에 가장 편리한 기능과 가벼움을 가진 쇼에이 헬멧.
많은 종류중 지티에어의 가장 큰 장점인 선바이저,...

SHOEI CWR-1 Photochromic Shield [Optional/Repair P...

변색쉴드 비싸지만 성능은 좋네요 쉴드하나로 다 커버 가능하고 핀락이랑 같이사면 가격은 꾀나가는데 수명만 길고 오래잘 쓴다면 이만한 물건이 없겟네요 변색쉴드 많이 사세요 중고로많이사세요 모두모두 많이사세요 변색쉴드 참 물건입니다 터널 들어갈때 주의 하시고
The discoloration shield is expensive, but the performanc...

SHOEI Chin Curtain D [Repair/Optional Parts]

Received items in good condition. Installed items. Works perfectly fine to my shoei. I have a CWR-1 lens and I tried to put the tear off post. As far as I know I need at least a CWR-F lens. Good thing...

SHOEI NO.11 Shield Sticker

빠른 배송과 좋은 상품 저렴한 가격 항상 좋은 물건과
빠른 배송에 감사드립니다 국내와는 차별화된 가격과
빠른 문의에 대한 빠른 답변도 감사드립니다...

SHOEI NO.11 Shield Sticker

Purchase price is cheap and can be easily cashed One point custom! Sticker is also Quantity on 1 Seat : 1 Set of 4pcs. Even if it fails, Large is durable (Lol) SHOEI 's Shield was easy to decide t...

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

Indeed OEM.Put it at a position like Graphic model, too simpleIt became a good feeling from the appearance.If there is a paper pattern at the pasting position, it is even better.

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

Cut was not on the backing paper.Pull it and stretch it. When loosening, bubbles enter.Since it is transparent except for letters and frames, care is taken on where to paste.

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

As I purchased the other day, NeoTEC imperial's head in the back of the head is monotonous and boring, so purchase to Accent.In fact I wanted a reflection type Sticker, but I could not find the on...

SHOEI NO.11 Shield Sticker

Originally it is Size's Sticker for pasting to Visor,As the back of Helmet who purchased with Webike the other day was very lonesomeI pasted it at this position with reference to the position of a...

SHOEI NO.1 Sticker 9cm

Put it on the unnamed Helmet "Nanchato SHOEI" I bought it for. I bought without any doubt that it is a product of 1 Piece, but surprised to see it when I arrived, Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. w...

SHOEI NO.11 Shield Sticker

A successful bid for Helmet at a certain Oak ring.Imitating a lot of people buying for Shield.I counted the number of hand-held Shields and purchased more than one.It's cheap and easy to do Dress-...

SHOEI NO.10 Sticker

A successful bid for Helmet at a certain Oak ring.I bought it for the amount of SHOEIMark.SHOEI 's Helmet pasted because I had an Image with Manufacturer logo in this position.I think that the col...

SHOEI No.12 Sticker

A successful bid for Helmet at a certain Oak ring.There was no forehead sticker with the preference owner's preference.Hurry and order various stickers after making a successful bid.Large was just...

SHOEI Patch 16A White/Navy Blue

I ordered my everyday wearing Parka. Purchase to.Attaching this Emblem to Parka etc. is attention because handicraft glue etc is required.quality - There are no places to worry about separately becaus...

SHOEI Patch 16A White/Navy Blue

It is an emblem especially not too bad and ordinary about this emblem. (^_^;). some are white and type [ dark blue / which were reversed ] -- since like, let's consider and purchase a color scheme wit...


I used it immediately in the hot weather.Because it is Mesh, I was able to spend comfortably with good ventilation.Design was not too flashy too much and it was nice to buy it.


【What made you decide the purchase?】- Since purchasing Helmet of SHOEI for the first time, I fell in love with the high functionality, so I also wanted Cap to match.- Black color- If you look closely ...


When I got to go to GW, I purchased it because the wide amount was uselessly tanned and it hurts - - - On the contrary, people with wide forehead like me are cautioned because the reverse side of embr...


SHOEISHOEI RS CapI changed Helmet to a new SHOEI so I purchased Cap as well..It is solid, durable and likely to last long, and I am very satisfied.I think that Cost performance is good..


I was looking for Mesh's hatBecause Helmet is SHOEII bought this item (^ ○ ^)Quality is steadyThe price is not so expensiveIt's quite good ParenthesisI'm glad I bought it


Wearing as a Cap on the break Point of form, touch complaint nothing, and the Touring point designed and covered enjoys itself, and, also in a Helmet and a Cap, SHOEI is Hideyasu.

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