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(7,571 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

DAYTONA Horn Whirlpool Hole

Beautiful, fit formy motorcycle kawasaki w800 ,low price But the sound is light.
the chrome is pretty and it's more like a motorcycle.


Had a few seads inbetween but since I got this one, finally I can take a long rides without my ass being hurt !!!
Great product !!!

DAYTONA Multi-Wing Carrier

I think that it is a recommendation from OEM's Carrier because the color matches Black of Frame color of XT 250 X. Installation of Top case of GIVI Since there is also a hole for the base firmly, ...

DAYTONA Aero Visor

I purchased it using Point. Installation is easy, but since it can be fixed at any angle,It took a while to work with comparing with the photo without knowing the angle of the best.It is about a grade...

DAYTONA Oil Filter

I also think that it is good for Motorcycle. It is better for Engine than for one exchange at two times with a high Filter.

DAYTONA KEDO Head Mounting Decompression Lever Kit

มันดูสวยดีมาก ลดขนาดอุปกรณ์ให้มีจำนวนน้อยชิ้นลง
ลดขนาดอุปกรณ์ให้มีขนาดเล็กลง มันใช้ง่ายได้จริงแค่บางช่วงเวลาเท่านั้น

DAYTONA Motorcycle Power Supply USB 1Pot

Large Sounds alright is nice. Easy to read manuals, connection etc.. It was also easy. Body can be fixed with removable Tie Wrap and Double-sided Tape, it is also good to have Waterproof Cap when not ...

DAYTONA Motorcycle Power Supply USB 1Pot

I bought a smartphone to supply power. I got lost as to 2 ports, but I realized that even 1 port was enough. Instruction Manual It was easy to connect to the street. Also you can reuse Tie Wrap for in...

DAYTONA Classic Carrier SR400/500

This is a very well made product that fits perfectly. The design compliments the lines of the motorcycle. Easy to install very sturdy and quite attractive. 2016 USA SR400.

DAYTONA Engine Protector

Spacer + Body and so there are quite a lot of luggage feel. But if you think that this protects Body, it is a must-not-to-be cane. However, mounting Bolt is a strength part by concluding Frame and Eng...


Fix Body with Small insufficient Double-sided Tape. Easy to install just by connecting lines to Battery.. Just a voltmeter. Display is easy to understand, when the voltage goes low Red is displayed an...


Net information with Bore up is necessary and there was it if it was preparedI thought it was expensive and smallWhen I start working, it seems likely to lose considerable time if there is not enough ...

DAYTONA KAWASAKI Blinker Connector Set

I bought two pairs of connectors to repair the damaged wiring of the direction indicators. The installation of the connectors passed quickly and without any difficulties. The quality of the goods is a...

DAYTONA Helmet In Pocket

Although it is different from the assumed usage,Rear box (Home center box) I installed it on the back of the lid.It was satisfied that the dead space was present in plain form was resolved.I think tha...


Bore-Up Cylinder 6Piston Exchange First Experience While Original Collect information with Net without knowing what is necessaryI praised you as I thought it was wonderful as I thought I was purchasin...


In old motorcycle, Regular of electric parts is easy to break and I thought that it prevents Trouble. It was good to buy with Reasonable in Simple and Compact

DAYTONA Oil Jug with Cover

Large Sawa Wax product arrived.Since things are the same, it is the same as purchasing a little less than Large Sawa Wax's jug 600 yen so wonder that it is cheaper to buy that one.

DAYTONA Helmet In Pocket

Purchased to CYGNUS 4 typeSize is MIt was just a good sizeInstallation is only done with ScrewSince considerable power is necessary, remove SeatI recommend to work in a flat placeStorage capacity is a...

DAYTONA Display Battery Charger

Open type lead Battery is important for maintaining and maintaining Large, but if the condition of Motorcycle is bad or you can not get on for a short period of time, the Battery Condition will change...


I attached it to 12 V MONKEY.The explanation of the installation is good, MONKEY is idling (1200rpm) When I made the BlinkerStop lamp movable, I first learned to eat electricity so much. (Does your Ba...


The code seems to get involved at all times, but if you change the dry battery you can use it immediately and there is no worry of running out of charge.It is simple, but you can call, you can also do...

DAYTONA Black Cover Simple

I am using it with D - TRACKER.Size was good with LLL.Because Mirror is in a high positionIf it is not LLL.The feeling of Material is also good, it is solid.

DAYTONA Stronger Chain Lock

【What made you decide the purchase?】I thought Cost aspect and Balance of reliability are good.There are also more sturdy, but how expensive it is.【How was it actually used?】It is heavier than expected...

DAYTONA Stronger U-Lock [W160/H220]

U shape Arm part is made of light material, I think that it makes no sense if I get on PRO of theft. It may be a secondary effect that you do not have to hurt Wheel. Smooth removal of the key. It look...

DAYTONA Black Cover 2 Standard for Top Case Equipp...

SEA BASSTS 185ER Length 2,160 Width 860 High 1,125 (All mm) I use 45 L krauser K 2 on it.It might be a little extra Kanji so 1SizeSmall may have been good, but in the case of Cover Large does not have...


Radio frequently enters FM as well as ordinary Radio. Mobile and Radar detectors are satisfied well. I would like you to smash more as hope.

DAYTONA Smartphone Holder Wide for Motorcycle

Easy to install, is a solid structureYou can also use it with confidence between Hold.In accordance with my cell phone, I turned the stops upside down

DAYTONA Black Cover Simple

I used Cover of DAYTONA before and I decided that Cover has a durable Image. Size is LLSize, but since Custom is around Rear, it was Just size.For rainy days without roofing, we had exchanged Cover ev...

DAYTONA Stronger Lock Set

Because the key is common, it is great to change the Large.U-shaped Lock locks Rear wheel, Chain lock locks Front wheel and Engine Body.Chain lock seems to be stiff at Large, but heavy is a difficult ...

DAYTONA Headset Bluetooth 2

Without Trouble, you can hear music from the iPhone and voice guidance from the map application.I think that it is indispensable for Solo touring without hindering driving.

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove Protection Type

Since it was contents of somewhat cramped by other people's review, I ordinarily purchased L Size although it is M Size.Fit feeling of the back of the hand was reasonable, but there was somewhat l...

DAYTONA Helmet Pocket Carbon Style

The installation can be done only with six Tapping screws in the plastic part of the back of Seat.but,Material behind Seat is unexpected hard .... (It usually seems pain hurts)- Carefully decide the i...

DAYTONA SAS-TEC Chest Protector with CP-2 BAG

Since there was a second used Jacket, it purchased. Since there was a hook at the chest, I held a chest protector (Velcro installation) I wanted to turn on making an Adapter with a hook on Velcro, but...

DAYTONA SAS-TEC Chest Protector with CP-2 BAG

In consideration of safety, the Chest protector of this hand is decided to be better for Hard Type, but the sense of fit is bad.And when you wear it, Forme also looks like a pigeon breast and is not c...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove Protection Type

I've been using GOLDWIN's Gloves forever, but somehow I bought it for adjustment of shipping costs.I was happy that it was easier to use than I thought.When you take your age, your thoughts be...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Punching Mesh Glove Protection T...

One size Large with just fineIf you apply Oil for baseball Gloves, it is so soft that it is this price that no one knowsMidsummer is also routinely used except for midwinter

DAYTONA Goat Skin Punching Mesh Glove Protection T...

I only choose things that will not hurt when I fall.I used Goat skin for the first time. Feeling soft, I was worried about durability.It is only use of Touring season of spring and autumn for over 3 y...

DAYTONA HBG-030 Goat Skin Punching Mesh Gloves Pro...

I liked the Fit feeling of HBG-010 for spring and autumn so purchase for summer.In summer it is often hot, I'm making Size one size Large.It seems that there is no problem with the operation feeli...

DAYTONA Ridemitt : # 003 Neoprene Waterproof Glove

Somewhat, it is stiff and operability drops, but it seems that rain does not soak in about one hour. Therefore, it will be useful in commuting in winter. Conversely, there is no turn in the summer. Al...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove Protection Type

I have a slightly narrow palm and long fingers ... When choosing the size, I chose the largest one to make my fingers comfortable. With a total palm and finger length of 21 centimeters, the size of th...

DAYTONA Helmet Lock + Convenient Hook

Since there was no installation space directly on the Handlebar, it is attached to the Extension bar.Since Combination Nifrek was originally unnecessary, I thought that I would use it without installi...

DAYTONA Stereo Helmet Speakers

Mounting on SHOEI X-13It will be attached to the X-13 on the Mesh cloth and can not be adhered to the Helmet by any means.Although it is possible to attach it in half-attached state, it is for Helmet,...

DAYTONA Stereo Helmet Speakers

If you only listen to Navigation audio, it is enough for performance. Because it is made for Helmet, it is a good place to have less code play. Two kinds of thickness of with Double-sided TapeSponge a...

DAYTONA Stereo Helmet Speakers

I thought that it was useless to stick to the sound quality and purchased it.It depends on Helmet's Speaker's built-in position, but because it is limited in position it is Out unless it match...

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

OEMHelmet holder of CB 400sb is near Rear tire, it is hard to get caught, and if the Chain cover is dirty Helmet's pad will inevitably get dirty.Since it is troublesome to use the attached Wire, b...

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

GSX1300R Hayabusa 's Mirror' s Base will be tightened together and the lock body will be tightened with the attached Hexagonal Wrench, but the included hexagonal dish Bolt (Red arrow of photo)...

DAYTONA Mount Kit Multi Bar Holder

I bought it for Multi Bar Holder installation.I was able to install Firmly more than I thought.I am satisfied without losing by vibration during traveling

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

Ninja 250 has a Holder under the Tandem seat, it is hard to use.At first I was using Tandem Footpeg co-clamping type, but it got disappeared by attaching Side Back, Top caseBracket.It became this item...

DAYTONA Stereo Helmet Speakers

I am attaching it to the full face now, but since it is troublesome to replace it until I bothered to remove itI made a second purchase again for dedicated use at Jet helmet all the time.Installation ...

DAYTONA Mount Kit Multi Bar Holder

Purchase to install the company 's Stem clamp to the 2014 model ZX - 14R.Hexagon rod Spanner is necessary, installation is easy and it is easy.

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