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(8,047 Customer Reviews)
Very good
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DAYTONA is one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler in Japan. They support many riders by the parts fitting a variety of vehicles and the abundant touring items.

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DAYTONA Merge Blinker Bracket

DAYTONA, this turn signal bracket, I have been installed for more than two years, I did not k...

DAYTONA Screen Mounting Bar Holder

The DAYTONA Screen Mounting very practical to mount gps holder.the goods manufacturer is perfect use very strong material and very easy to install at the bike.

DAYTONA PREMIUM ZONE License Plate Holder Set [M6]

I don't know why the photo can not be uploaded.
The quality is good. But, there is a point i feel disappointed which is the nuts are not included. I need to buy them separately with extra money.

DAYTONA Air Cap with Valve Removing Tool

I do not feel that it is in the thread. In a tightened state, I pulled it off.. I am not using it now. Mushi turning was Standard Equipment.

DAYTONA Screen Mounting Bar Holder

The DAYTONA Screen Mounting Bar Holder, The Item Is useful,Look Very nice and The Workmanship is perfect.The Shipping very fast.

DAYTONA PREMIUM ZONE License Plate Holder Set [M6]

The quality is good. But, there is a point i feel disappointed which is the nuts are not included. I need to buy them separately with extra money.

DAYTONA Engine Protector

I think that it is a good quality, reliable Manufacturer, and also excellence in Cost performance can not be missed.It looks nice, there is also a sense of quality and the impression of Motorcycle als...


Since Normal hose came in with about 30,000 km traveling, I exchanged Pad as I changed to Stainless mesh hose. 9, 340? Using actual measurement 2. 6? Decrease, Pad is about half left. As a reflection ...

DAYTONA Slender Switch [Button Seesaw Type]

I bought this product after I got lost in purchasing Switch for Fog Lamp.ON / It's just a switch that just pushes OFF.It works properly even in Large rain in July and Waterproof quality is guarant...

DAYTONA Pro Brake Shoe

Spring is in the beginning like other people wrote, it got in the state but it is easy to understand Quantity : Set was done. I polished the inner side of Drum and did chamfer of Shoe, but it does not...

DAYTONA Compact Air Inflator 12V

I bought it for Motorcycle's Tire Inflator.The feeling I used was easy to use and I thought Cost performance was very good.On my own terms, there is no way the sound sounds like this. I think abou...

DAYTONA Magnet for Driver

It is screwdriver magnetiser / demagnetiser. So the screwdriver can have magnet function ever the screwdriver have not the magnet function. It is good function when you need to screw something on. mak...

DAYTONA Socket Set for Hexalobular Hole (Torx with...

This review is for DAYTONA Socket Set for Hexalobular Hole (Torx with Pin ( R)). The packaging was professional and webike’s Shipped price was unbeatable. The quality of each socket is great and the...

DAYTONA Universal Pocket Tool Set

I can use it quite often.. It is unexpected to put it in the vicinity and use it also except for the maintenance of Motorcycle. Since there are various tools in one, it is also good that it does not b...


Liquid crystal has LEDBack light so it looks good. Size was also very Compact so it was not a problem in the installation place.Coupler is Waterproof Coupler, so Size is quite large, but it can be use...


Stator Coil When a failure was encountered, when the display voltage declined to within the seeing and falling, the red color display became quick and we were able to cope quickly.If you slightly redu...


Wiring was very easy. Waterproof Coupler is also used for Coupler, and it is safe.I borrowed the Attachment power supply from Tail lampFuse.I strongly wanted a clock function.

DAYTONA Helmet In Pocket

BW'S (SA44J) It attached to.If you are looking for documents to be inserted,I found this item.Seat The Screw stopper is required behind,It is lange and strange that there is.Because prices are al...

DAYTONA Stainless Steel Safety Wire

Wiring to prevent loosening of Bolt for racing circuit. packet is good.
High Quality. 450g (190M) is Cost effective. thank you.

DAYTONA Blinker Connector 040 (3-poles)

Отличное качество, много упаковки. Мне нравиться. Спасибо :)
Excellent quality, lots of packing. I like that. Thanks :)

DAYTONA Motorcycle Cover SIMPLE LL Size

A reasonable quality texture. I can not say it because I do not know how long it will last for durability. Used for CBR 1100 XX with SizeLL. Satisfied with perfect size. Consumables and dividends You ...

DAYTONA Black Cover Simple [4L]

I used Silver's Cover so far, but just becoming Black will not have a presence.It is designed to paste Heat Seat in the Exhaust System section, but it is hard to paste.I have not used it, so I do ...

DAYTONA Black Cover 2 Standard [Big Scooter]

I tried variously from a number of Cover.Cheap things from Cover of 100 yen shop until Cover to 2-3 million yen.It is durability that we place importance on Cover, that rain does not invade, that the ...

DAYTONA DT-01 Bluetooth Income

I bought it with Webike and set up according to the handling Instruction Manual, but the power did not turn on.Since charging was finished, what is wrong and Netetc. When I looked into this Income spe...


Once in a while, it was soloTwoMain so buying it cheaply before the discontinuance and leaving it at home is not badI'm trying out if I can talk with B + COM that I am using now!Connect conversati...

DAYTONA Mount Kit Multi Bar Holder

It is purchase to attach Navigation.It is combined with the Mount bar.Strictly speaking, Material : I think Stainless Steel is good.The function is fixed with the mount bar, it is surely fixed.

DAYTONA Stronger Chain Lock

I think that heavy Chain has an intimidating feeling and it becomes a deterrent.It was disappointing that I can not use BabyPadlock on hand.In other words, you can not make the Nanjing key unable to p...

DAYTONA Headset Bluetooth 2

Just listening is a replacement from Bluetooth.I installed it in Z7.The sound quality is clearly better than the Initial Model.The installation was hard because Wiring was short, and finally it turned...

DAYTONA Black Cover Simple [M]

2018 CROSSCUB 110 NORMAL It is use of M Size in car.Where the whole width is 1090 mm, the Cover 1000 mm is located in the Rear Exhaust System, but it is a tight but it does not fit in.Approximately on...

DAYTONA Motorcycle Exclusive Drive Recorder DDR-S1...

I installed it so that I can shoot a moving video.Quantity : There seems to be a lot of people who are bothered by Bracket that is bundled with the Set, but it happens to be home in RAM Mount "Bo...

DAYTONA Saddleback Support Chromium for Left Side

I regularly use Degner's 12-saddle bag, but I was concerned about the collapse of the bag. I was using Keigama's bag support, but the lower part of the bag that protruded beyond the support bu...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Punching Mesh Glove Protection T...

I could not maintain the state I grabbed with too much fit.Do you feel L in XL?I was sorry that both texture and design were very good, I made Present.

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove STD Type

These Goatskin gloves are very soft and comfortable . Fast shipping to another country . High quality and have a good design .

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove Protection Type

I purchased L Size, but Right is just right, Left gets hit by Protector on the top, it hurts and I can not use it. Right is just right, I think that it is good to create and sizing in the same way, is...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Punching Mesh Glove Protection T...

It is confirmed beforehand that the thumb is long due to the relationship of making Tight making, but the harm of Protector was unexpected.I immediately used it in Touring for the first time, and I fe...

DAYTONA Goat Skin Glove Protection Type

When the goods arrived, as soon as we tried, the thumb was slightly Oversized.But, if you actually hold Handlebar, there is a feeling of Grip!Easy operation of Blinker. Brown is also nice Brown.Howeve...

DAYTONA HBG-010 Goat Skin Gloves Protection Type

It was my first Gloves, but I bought it because it was affordable and safe Design.Size measured its own size and purchased it, but Large is not too much and it is not too small and the fitting feeling...

DAYTONA Ridemitt : # 003 Neoprene Waterproof Glove

I am satisfied with Cost performance and quality.Large rain does not matter at all..However, I think that it is better that the wall thickness is a little thinner.

DAYTONA HBG-030 Goat Skin Punching Mesh Gloves Pro...

I am satisfied with this product.
I can not wear this glove in winter, but I think I can wear it in spring, summer and autumn.

DAYTONA HBG-010 Goat Skin Gloves Protection Type

I have purchased this Gloves because the winter Gloves I have now is thick and I do not feel the warmth of the Grip heater. The warmth of Grip heater is also transmitted though the leather is so thick...

DAYTONA Helmet Lock

A hetmet lock is one of the items that should come with every motorcycle. Usually they're lock and key type which can be a hassle because you need to carry an extra key. So this time I as looking for ...

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Handlebar Post Clamp

Because it seems that Helmet is hurting in the vicinity of Tandem Footpeg, I chose Type attached to Handlebar Post. You can use vSTROM without trouble because the top of Tank is wide with Flat.

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

The installation is inconvenient. I'm nervous about the strings being hit. It is also a pain in the ass to store and pack them separately. The iron rusted easily. It is easy to get a scratch on the sc...

DAYTONA Helmet Lock + Convenient Hook

Combination Nifrek and Helmet lock can be used without problems, but I think that it can be satisfied if the quality is better a little more.Since Helmet lock rotates 360 degrees, it is a pity that we...

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

Helmet, Wear is multiplied by Mirror, but the attached Wire is useful.As a burglarproof we are upset if Mirror is removedThere is a sense of security for fall prevention when leaving a bit.

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

Until now I used a Wire type lock, but since it was taking out from Bag when I used it, it was good that I did not have troublesome work with this product

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

Africa Twin's OEM has to remove Seat one by one.Cover Mirror with Helmet and lock Helium D ring and attached Wire through the collar collar together.

DAYTONA Helmet Holder Mirror Clamp

Attach to LeftMirror Holder.Doing so makes it possible to use Handlebar Lock when you just put Helmet in Tank.Although it is a simple lock, it is convenient for touring because the lock will be lost e...

DAYTONA Helmet Lock + Convenient Hook

Since there was no installation space directly on the Handlebar, it is attached to the Extension bar.Since Combination Nifrek was originally unnecessary, I thought that I would use it without installi...

DAYTONA Stereo Helmet Speakers

Mounting on SHOEI X-13It will be attached to the X-13 on the Mesh cloth and can not be adhered to the Helmet by any means.Although it is possible to attach it in half-attached state, it is for Helmet,...

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