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Reinforced V Belt DAYTONA
Fits: HONDA DIO ZX[AF35] 1994 【Frame No. 】 AF35-1000001 to 1080618
  • HONDA DIO ZX[AF35] 1994 【Frame No. 】 AF35-1000001 to 1080618
  • DIO ZX[AF35] 1995 【Frame No. 】 AF 35-1200001 to 1266550
  • TACT (Tact) [AF79] 2016 【Frame No. 】 AF79-1100001 or later
  • DIO ZX[AF35] 1997 【Frame No. 】 AF 35-1500001 to 1699999
  • ...and more.
posted Sep 20, 2017

DAYTONA Reinforced V Belt

By SpringUp (22)FromThailand

DAYTONA Reinforced V Belt 31589 สายพานแบรนด์นี้ดีมากทั้งวัสดุทั้งแพคเกจทำออกมาได้เยี่ยมคุ้มค่าคุ้มราคาตอนนี้ได้ยกเลิกผลิตรหัส 31589 ไปแล้วแต่ก็มีผลิตเป็นรหัสใหม่ซึ่งทุกอย่างเหมือนเดิม 
DAYTONA Reinforced V Belt 31589 This belt is very good, both the material and the package made out great value for money. Now the production code is 31589, but it...

Reinforced V Belt DAYTONA
Fits: HONDA LEAD100 (Lead) [JF06] 1998 【Frame No. 】 JF06-1000001 or later
  • HONDA LEAD100 (Lead) [JF06] 1998 【Frame No. 】 JF06-1000001 or later
  • LEAD100 (Lead) [JF06] 1999 【Frame No. 】 JF06-1100001 or later
  • LEAD100 (Lead) [JF06] 2001 【Frame No. 】 JF06-1200001 or later
posted Sep 20, 2017

Best offer

By NO NAME (1)FromUnited States

Greetings To webike managers, I ask you to analyze a better offer for me in the daytona and chamaleon products purchases for honda lead JF06 and JF45 I am interested in buying many products but I need a better offer thank you very much

SWAGE-LINE Easy Order Brake Hose Kit SWAGE-LINE
Fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posted Sep 20, 2017

Good product

By Jaka Ramayana (3)FromIndonesia

Super fast delivery less than 2 week to arrive, this product soo good and we can choose the length of this brake line. For who want to built a breaking system on motorcycle maybe with quick release, you can use swage line. Quality colour on fitting hose end very good.

Fuel Tank Cover KN Planning
Fits: HONDA ZOOMER Cab Vehicle ZOOMER FI Vehicle
  • HONDA ZOOMER Cab Vehicle ZOOMER FI Vehicle
posted Sep 20, 2017

fuel tank cover

By Sunti (2)FromThailand

Fast delivery Of safe no damage Color is not abrasive package delivery successfully. Put the car neatly Thank you for shipping.

Full Exhaust System ZERO MORIWAKI
Fits: HONDA GROM(16-)
  • HONDA GROM(16-)
posted Sep 19, 2017

Moriwaki Ano Zero Exhaust

By NO NAME (1)FromUnited States

After about 2 weeks, the exhaust finally arrived and I was blown away by the quality of the finish. The anodized titanium is not done any justice in photos. It has such a clean, soft look to it that gives it an OEM type aura.
It's extremely easy to install and the bike sounds much better than it did with the stock exhaust. My grom can finally b...

Aluminum Forged Reinforced Brake Arm Kit (for Rear) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
Fits: HONDA CROSSCUB (JA10-4000001-)
  • HONDA CROSSCUB (JA10-4000001-)
posted Sep 19, 2017


By NO NAME (1)FromThailand

เป็นมือลิงเบรคหลังที่มีความสวยงามและแข็งแรงเพราะใช้การผลิตแบบอัดขึ้นรูป เหมาะที่จะใช้ตกแต่งแทนของเดิม
It is a rear brake that is beautiful and strong because of the production of extrusion. Ideal to use instead of the original.(translated by Google Translator)

Rear Carrier Type 2 YAMAHA
posted Sep 19, 2017

average + quality

By youngjae Lee (2)FromSouth Korea

I need my sr400 has top box. and bought it to install. there were 2 options. 1 is this and another is hurricane rear carrier. hurry is slightly prettier. but this is more pracical in my opinion. but i had a little difficulty to install SHAD sh45 top box. but i made it with 1hr labor. it is good product.

Oil Temperature Gauge with Deep Stick DAYTONA
Fits: YAMAHA SR500 1999 【Frame No. 】 1JN-
  • YAMAHA SR500 1999 【Frame No. 】 1JN-
  • SR500SP 1983 【Frame No. 】 2J2-190101 or later
  • SR500SP 1979 【Frame No. 】 2J2-183101 or later
  • SR500C 1985 【Frame No. 】 1JN-216101 or later
  • ...and more.
posted Sep 19, 2017

good quality

By youngjae Lee (2)FromSouth Korea

It's good quality. made by stainless. Glittering solidity , anyway if you have about 40$ you can make bike more pretty. I satisfied with it.

18-Ream T20 Wedge SMD LED Bulb Double Bulb RISE CORPORATION
Fits: Others 12V car General purpose valve polarity : ++--
  • Others 12V car General purpose valve polarity : ++--
posted Sep 19, 2017

Not working

By NO NAME (1)FromHong Kong

It didn't comes with indication showing positive or negative. One side it fired my fuse and doesn't work on the other side, worst product in webike ,period.

Weight Roller ALBA
  • LETS2 (CA1KA-308837-)
  • LETS4 (CA1PB-100001-)
  • LETS5
  • ...and more.
posted Sep 18, 2017

ALBA Weight Roller

By After4eva (5)FromMexico

excellent weight roller and good price, great combination! lets see if they last enough to buy another set! good for improving low acceleration!

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