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Motorcycle Gear

GP PRO Leather Gloves alpinestars
posted Oct 20, 2017

Alpinestars GP PRO

By Anonymous (3)FromBelarus

I have long wanted a leather gloves Alpinestars GP PRO. And finally my dream came true. Gloves are made of high quality leather. They have good protection of the joints of the fingers and palms. Good protection of the wrist joint. In general, the purchased goods, I am very satisfied. I highly recommend it to everyone. I wish the seller good luck an...

posted Oct 18, 2017

배송시간은 빠릅니다

By Anonymous (2)FromSouth Korea

배송시간은 빠르고 좋았습니다 하지만 사진과는 다르게 품질이 별로네요
코미네 정품이 맞는건지 궁금할정도입니다
품질문제 빼고는 다 좋았습니다 ...

GWS G Vector 2Compact Rain Suit [GSM12512] GOLDWIN
posted Oct 13, 2017

I regret buying. I do not recommend it.

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

Me in the middle of my compliance table. Pants Exactly and Jacket Oversized.Although it is Rain jacket, it is bad that it is such an Oversized.Conversely, Waist - It is cramped that less afford around Hip.I use Magic tape too much. I only need a neck portion.Common items that are neither functional nor convenient in any way, common.From now on Quan...

2WAY Mesh Jacket BATES
posted Oct 13, 2017


By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

Purchase because Double is not seen in other Manufacturers.There is no Stress with feeling like Mesh as usual such as comfort.Not feeling like leather's Riders Double, but feeling that Zipper is doubled.It is good for me who is not gorgeous but over 50 years old.

NXV 309 CE Flex Rear Protector RS Taichi
posted Oct 12, 2017

You can rest assured!

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

I was looking for Back Protector.Watching with Circuit,Between the body and the leather suit that got gotten recentlyConsidering that it will fit, to Thailand Chi productsI reached.Products with other protections likely to be highIt is thick and soft depending on thingsThere is a material of Material.Although this product is rather rigid,I feel tha...

Goat Skin Glove Protection Type DAYTONA
posted Oct 12, 2017

I suffered from Size

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

Since it was contents of somewhat cramped by other people's review, I ordinarily purchased L Size although it is M Size.Fit feeling of the back of the hand was reasonable, but there was somewhat loosening of the fingertips.I am wondering if M Size was good.ProtectionType looks nice Parenthesis. There is not much feeling of roughness even if you...

PK-722 Kevlar Ride Jeans KOMINE
posted Oct 11, 2017


By Anonymous (1)FromMalaysia

I am 165cm, 59kg. I bought size 30. The waist is a bit larger than me but i like it. A belt settles the issue. However the thigh and lower knee area was too big. I looked like I was wearing a clown pants hahah. Altering it solves the problem. Great pants for a budget safety with kevlar and hard EN level 1 knee pad

PK-631 Premium Leather Jeans KOMINE
posted Oct 11, 2017

Almost satisfied

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】 As for Leather Pants, there are many Black, but this item was a Denimish color.【How was it actually used?】 I use SSMotorcycle when going to Touring, but I have not pasted anything on Tank, but I will grip with Well without misunderstanding when I do Knee grip.【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me...

posted Oct 11, 2017

Always skin smooth

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Sweat sweat in summer - I am wearing a fast-dry Inner, but when it's too hot the sweat is soooooo sweaty and can not catch up with Inner's fast drying power. I knew that there is a Dry Layer that separates such wetness from the skin with Mille - etc, but it is quite expensive. In such a case, I knew TSDe...

G Vector Short Boots [GSM1043] GOLDWIN
posted Oct 11, 2017

I purchased it at the school entry schoo...

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

I need shoes with heels, I bought it. Recent RiderShoes has many flat products with shoe soles, but it seems that at a driving school there is a level difference of 1 cm or more as a qualifying condition. It seems that the police guidance. This item was qualified because there was a slight step difference. Design also has a large Size in Orthodox s...

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