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KEYS REPL TEAR-DROP BOX [3550-0150] Drag Specialties
posted Oct 5, 2017

I think there is probably no problem

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

There is a problem with the published photos. Body is posted Large as though the Spare key is Main. We propose to only make the photograph the Spare key which is the original product.Change Category to Body (Box) When I search for "We do not sell only Spare key" It was written as. Please refrain from publications that would misunderstand ...

Degi Bag Plus MFK-206 (Holster) 2.8L-4.6L TANAX
Fits: Others capacity : 2. 8L-4. 6L Tanax Motofizu
  • Others capacity : 2. 8L-4. 6L Tanax Motofizu
posted Oct 4, 2017

Slightly expensive, but pretty good

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

【What made you decide the purchase?】First to be a Holster bag!Since Waist Bag is an obstacle to the operation, I shy away and I decided to purchase thinking that it is just right Size.【How was it actually used?】Anyway, it is good not to have Gap! Even if you just sit as it is, it is comfortable with less sense of incongruity.The Reverse side can no...

Degi Bag Plus MFK-202 (Waist) 6.3L TANAX
Fits: Others capacity : 6. 3L Tanax Motofizu
  • Others capacity : 6. 3L Tanax Motofizu
posted Oct 2, 2017

Either on or off OK

By Japan User(translated) (152519)FromJapan

In ordinary Touring, since it is a group that does not carry luggage in Motorcycle as much as possible, TPO is a rain gear, a box lunch, a souvenir, etc. It will be useful in various occasions.The capacity of 6? Is not too large, it is too small, it is rich in the picture of product description, it was helpful for Large when deciding it is easy to ...

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