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Most Viewed Ranked 2 of 68 model in YAMAHA 401cc-750cc
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K&H Chain Case

KIJIMA Fender Eliminator Kit

I read the other review about this and still ordered the item thinking it can't be that "bad". Nope, there is not enough illumination coming from the bulb when activating the brake. Confused and disappointed, I transplanted the entire OEM brake light wiring assembly and bulb onto the Kijima fender. ...

YAMAHA Blue Mirror Square 3 (Communal to Left Righ...

เป็นกระจกทรงย้อนยุคดูคลาสสิค เลนส์ฟ้าตัดแสง บานกมีขนาดใหญ่ทำมุมมองมีกว้างขึ้นมองรถด้านหลังได้อย่างชัดเจน ใส่แทนของเดิมได้เลยครับ เหมาะกับผู้ทีชอบทรงsrปีเก่าๆ

Peyton Place Steering Damper

I left the installation to the PRO. The installation seemed easy as it looked and ended in around 15 minutes. In this case I thought that people who can do it on their own can easily.Performance, as soon as I installed Damper strongest, when I tried Handlebar, it was the most fluffy Damper I've ...

Peyton Place Steering Damper

I got the installation done by PRO, but it seemed easy when I saw it. Finished in about 15 minutes.Even though I made Damper the most strong, I felt quite a bit fluffy from my experience and I was anxious.However, when I ran, I felt that it was sufficient for the SR 400 to demonstrate sufficient per...

POSH Center Stand Stopper

I attached the Silencer of Slip-on Silencer, so I installed it with the same Manufacturer.Although I was struggling to remove Split Pin which is attached at NORMAL, somehow.Just to slip the position, but the top (The position where clearance with the most road surface can be taken) Even so, the Cent...

GOODS TAPERED CORN Slip-on Silencer Exhaust System

Stock relapsed on this silencer. I was surprised from this sound.
No any problem on high rpm. loud bass on idle run. Alive sound much better then on video. Faust delivery. But band was metal colored, better to fix on the same black.

YSS SPORTS LINE Rear Twin Shock [E Series] E302

Changing from Normal suspension to here, it became a different thing. Curve no longer feels uneasy, and stable running on highways has become possible. As the difference with Front came out, I got even better if I Overhaul Front fork.

BORE ACE Change Accent

<Evaluation point>The shift accuracy of Shift Pedal is improved. In particular - Improvement effect of Shift touch is clear between 1st speed ⇔Neutral ⇔ 2 speed which is heavy in departure.It almost never got into Neutral when it was not intended and the Stress of Shift change decreased.In add...

Peyton Place Auckland Type/Stainless Headlight Bra...

헤드라이트커버를 데이토나 루카스 커버로 변경하려고 브라켓을 구입하였습니다. 튼튼하고 품질이 우수하며 스테인레스 재질이기 때문에 녹이 슬지 않을 거 같습니다. 하지만 35mm 에 맞는 제품인데도 조금 헐렁합니다. 연결할 때 꽉 조여야 할 거 같습니다. 아직 설치 전입니다.
purchased the bracket to change the headlight cover to the Daytona Lucas cover. Durable, high quality and stainless steel materials are not rust-...

WM Handlebar Stopper

세퍼레이트 핸들을 설치하려고 샀습니다. 세퍼레이트 핸들을 설치하려면 핸들만 있어서는 안됩니다. 브레이크, 스로틀, 클러치, 데컴프레션 용 숏 케이블이 있어야 하고 핸들 스토퍼가 있어야 합니다.이 핸들스토퍼는 품질이 매우 우수하고 녹이 나지 않을거 같습니다. 설치는 매우 간단합니다. 볼트 두 개만 연결하면 됩니다.
I bought a three-rate handle to install. You should not only have a handle to install the three-rate handles. There must ...

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