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MAJESTY S and to the new landscape. Stress-free days - Sporty and sophisticated form that creates smart running in the streets to the power to run fast on the highway.Make work and play comfortable, High performance MAJESTY S.An active holiday - A quick, agile MAJESTY S will extend the range of action freely.You can also enjoy a short distance touring, you can also go off more easily.
Displacement 155 Engine Type Water-cooled/4-stroke/SOHC/4 Valve/Single Cylinder
Maximum Output (ps) 15PS/7,500r/min Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 1.4kgf・m/6,000r/min
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) - Fuel Tank Capacity liter 7.4L

World Walk Adjustable SF Style Mirror

8mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个 8mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个
10mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个10mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个 合计8个都有附送
8mm Orthodontic Screw Adapter × 2 8mm Reverse Screw Adapter × 2...

DAYTONA Motorcycle Cover SIMPLE LL Size

A reasonable quality texture. I can not say it because I do not know how long it will last for durability. Used for CBR 1100 XX with SizeLL. Satisfied with perfect size. Consumables and dividends You can be satisfied if you replace it every year.

BEAMS CORSA-EVOII Heat Titanium Exhaust System

First time I Oder BEAMS CORSA-EVOll Heat Titanium Exhaust for YAMAHA MAJESTYS(S-MAX) J,but the independent is wrong, it’s not fix for SMAX,Then return whole things to webike .After they forward it to the manufacturer soon.They inform me as soon as me receive the feedback from them,so happy can very...

SBS Street Excel Sinter 675LS Brake Pads

Used with CYGNUS X2 type.Until last time DAYTONAGolden (SecondVERSION but not X) And I feel satisfied in the latter half of the braking, but it was not an image unless the initial braking was too sweet and the temperature did not rise.Life has not quite reduced for a long time, but in the city area ...

KN Planning Mission Breather Hose YAMAHA Series

good quality product, i bought this as stand by as I'm currently upgrading my scooter's performance to racing specs therefore i think i might be going to need this just in case there will be too much pressure inside the transmission crankcase after my project completes.

KOSO Crankcase Cover Gasket

Along with KOSO Koso's Crank Case Cover Gasket also got it in the same color.Impact is different from OEM's Black.I think that it is good to become Dress-up though it was chotted

KOSO Lightweight Crankcase Cover

If I thought that Cover is expensive because I do not want NORMAL's appearanceThis one was released from KOSO and it immediately bought itThere is a gap in the suction mouth of the air, there is a gap in the mouth made abroad, Bolt of the stopping Bearing is Stainless but Nut is Steel (-_-;)It i...

World Walk Adjustable SF Style Mirror

Standing, I broke OEM's Mirror, so I looked for something nice and tried for the time being.When I install it, it is a compatible model, but it can not be seen unless it is bent considerably.Unavoidably, Mirror's extension adapter (33mm) To Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Can I use it 2...

YAMAHA Windshield Frame Mount

It is now possible to steadily ensure that the car body is stable and to issue Speed. Installation is easy as per the Instruction Manual. It is great enough to make me think that I should have attached it earlier.

RK Mega Alloy X Brake Pads

【Touch】 Feel better than Snad as Pad ever.【Control】 Easy to control with a flat rise against graspingTo make it a favorable feeling, it is best to replace the OEM Wave Disc with a diskI know, it is easiest to handle in Pad, and Touch likes it.I do not know yet because Life is a hit for a while after...

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