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Following the coloring image of the first model * "Monkey Z 50 M" released in 1967, adopted a dedicated three-dimensional emblem and a main key suitable for a memorial model.Fuel tank side and side covers are colored with pearl sunbeam white which is the main color, and fenders of the front and rear are colored as shasta white. In addition to the frame, front fork, swing arm, etc., the headlight case and the stripe on the top of the fuel tank are made Magna Red, and the seat adopts a fashionable check pattern seat imitating the original model. Also in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of release, a wing mark badge of reprinted design is arranged on the side of the fuel tank, a memorial sticker is arranged on the top, a 50th anniversary emblem on the side cover, a 50th anniversary logo on the back of the seat , The 50th anniversary mark is given to the main key, and it is a model that satisfies the feeling of possession full of special feeling. * Domestic mass production Commercial vehicle
Displacement 49 Engine Type AB28E/Air-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Maximum Output (ps) 3.4PS/8,500rpm Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 0.35kgf・m/5,000rpm
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) - Fuel Tank Capacity liter 4.3

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Hyper S Stage...

Great product of high quality,
The 88cc Takegawa engine boosts Monkey power considerably.
I am very satisfied with Webike staff for the advice.
Greetings from Andrea Chioggia Italy

ALCAN hands Black Rubber Grip Epsilon

เป็นปลอกแฮนด์ที่สวยมาก เนื้อวัสดุที่มีคุณภาพ การออกแบบที่ดี ขั้นตอนในการใส่เพียง 1-2 ขั้นตอนก็เรียบร้อย เหมาะกับการใช้งานที่หลากหลายทั้งทางใกล้และการเดินทางไกล ช่วยลดการสั่นสะเทือนในขณะขับขี่ กระชับเวลาเร่งคันเร่ง และสามารถทนต่อฝุ่นและน้ำโดยไม่ลื่นและเสื่อมสภาพ ผมใช้ในการเดินทางมากกว่า 500 กม ในครั้...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Crankshaft Su...

If you have a tool, you can install it with simple work, I think that it is good.Although it is not a part about how the performance is, I thought that supporting Crankshaft is a good thing and introduced it.I wish it would be nice if the price was suppressed a bit more.

CF POSH Idle Adjuster for KEIHIN PC20 Carburetor

Rebuilding to PB16.This Idle Adjuster is generally satisfied but because the outer diameter of Knob is deck, it has become difficult to insert a slotted screwdriver for Air Screw.

KIJIMA Lever Brake Black

I am satisfied with the same color as Grip.Both texture and practicality have no problem.Recommending for those who want to change One point from Plating color.

NGK Standard Plug CR6HSA 2983

It is exactly the same as OEM Product. Because it burned up light burn it may change due to future burning conditionFor the time being I will use this person for a while.

DENSO Iridium Power Plug IUF22

iridium IUF22 most powerfull Worked perfectly for my Generator, Started on the first pull. for kawasaki z125
i buy 2 pcs for 1 years using :D

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Aluminum Cut-...

Quality of the product is perfect. Finally I could find the same product for my bike. It can combine almost all types blinker.

MINIMOTO Headlight Bracket Φ26 Aluminum CNC

Do not be deceived by the image.I opened it and Big Li. Regardless of Clamp, Arm, the most prominent aspect is Bokoboko dent and Wound in the amount of Large, obviously cutting out a rough plate material in its original shape. If you sing CNCCut-out at least for the face face please draw at least. T...

NGK Iridium Plug CR6HIX 2469

I use it in REBEL. We expect to shorten warm-up time and improve fuel economy, install. From the conclusion, there is not any change!. Up to now we have gotten nearly 100 Motorcycle and Iridium plugs were put in most of them, but this is the first time that nothing changes. However, since it is Moto...

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